Honeywell LTS101 Engine & Accessories

Honeywell Service Centre


Overhaul & Repair

Airwork NZ offers H.S.I., overhaul and repair of Honeywell LTS101 and LTP101 turbine engines. We are a Honeywell Approved Service Centre, one of only six such facilities worldwide.


An inventory of OEM inventory parts is available.


We have an exchange pool of Honeywell LTS101 Accessories, and also offer rental engines. We have the following engines in stock:

  • LTS101-600A-3A
  • LTS101-700D2
  • LTS101-750B-1
  • LTS101-650B-1
  • LTS101-850D2

Honeywell LTS101 supervisor
Lars Kroonenberg
Phone +64 9 295 2125
Mobile +64 21 413 278