Maintenance Control

Airwork’s Maintenance Control services give operators the opportunity to outsource this part of their operation to create economies of scale.

Your Airwork NZ nominated Maintenance Controller provides the following services:

  1. Forecasting & Planning
  2. Cost Analysis
  3. Control
  4. Import & Export C of A’s
  5. Coordination

Forecasting & Planning

  • Maintain planning / record systems to monitor all aircraft hours, call-out of lifed components, special requirements and inspections as specified in the Aircraft Maintenance Program and update following any maintenance activities
  • Provide short and medium period maintenance forecasting to complement operational availability of fleet
  • Ensure availability of future component / spare requirements to reduce aircraft down-time
  • Assist with any technical queries relating to the fleet.
  • Ensure sufficient back-up systems available for electronic planning systems in use

Cost Analysis

  • Provide maintenance inputs required during budgetary exercises


  • Responsible for the overall control and directing of maintenance matters on the allocated fleet
  • Liaise with contracting maintenance firms
  • Ensure that procedures are complied with by all persons associated with the maintenance of the fleet
  • Ensure the helicopter fleet meets regulatory requirements for instruments and equipment, according to the Minimum Equipment List per helicopter type
  • Issue Technical Directives to Maintenance Providers on maintenance required and finalise applicable maintenance documentation on completion thereof
  • Update helicopter fleet logbooks based on flying activities and coordinate / report all defects to the maintenance provider
  • Ensure retention of all maintenance documentation IAW CAA/Manufacturer requirements

Import & Export Certificates of Airworthiness (C of A’s)

  • Liaise with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on maintenance, inspections and general airworthiness related matters
  • Ensure helicopter fleet is maintained in an airworthiness condition
  • Ensure periodic Annual reviews of Airworthiness, Maintenance reviews, mandatory replacement times, and Periodic inspections as detailed in the Maintenance Program for each aircraft are carried out as they fall due
  • Liaise with Maintenance Contractor to ensure that all information contained in Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, Service Letters and similar documents are assessed and complied with
  • Maintain a current subscription of Airworthiness Directives per helicopter type to ensure timely receipt thereof


  • Ensure Maintenance Manuals are kept on latest revision status and relevant to Companies maintenance requirements
  • Ensure revision service for Flight Manuals are maintained and revisions received forwarded to the Operator
  • Coordinate appropriate maintenance arrangements or advise the pilot-in-command of appropriate actions required during maintenance activities away from the maintenance base
  • Ensure appropriate actions are followed for aircraft being hired as per official agreement
  • Continuous review of maintenance related legislation to ensure appropriate action is taken IAW Manual Amendment Procedures
  • Regular liaison with involved sub-contractors to enhance TAT period on repairs
  • Monitor transfer process of components removed to repair stations
  • Ensure reportable accident / incident / defect procedures to CAA are followed

Helicopter Engineering Manager
Jeff O’Sullivan
Phone +64 9 295 2139