About Us

Airwork NZ is a member of the Airwork Group. Airwork began its operations out of Wellington in 1936 and has continually evolved and innovated to meet the needs of the constantly evolving aviation market. The divisions of the Airwork Group are focused in three distinct areas of the aviation industry:

  1. Helicopter engineering and support, which is the focus area of Airwork NZ
  2. Helicopter leasing
  3. Charter and fixed wing operations and engineering

Based at Ardmore Airport, Auckland, New Zealand, Airwork NZ has a unique depth of experience and capability in helicopter engineering and maintenance support that distinguishes us in the global aviation market. Our industry-leading capabilities in this highly specialised field enable us to provide comprehensive turnkey aviation services.

Airwork NZ has world-class engineering and maintenance facilities and capabilities, many of which have been independently endorsed by leading aviation companies. These include:

  • Approved Honeywell Service Centre
  • Authorised Airbus Service Centre
  • Robinson Service Centre
  • Honeywell Avionics Service Centre
  • Breeze Eastern Service Centre
  • Hoist Test Rig approved by Breeze Eastern
  • Airbus Dynamic Component Test Benches

Airwork NZ holds certifications under NZCAA, FAA and EASA Part 145, NZCAA Part 146 Design, Part 148 Manufacturing, Part 145 Maintenance, Part 141 Training and Part 19F Supply of Parts. Our Dynamic Component Overhaul and Turbine Services divisions are also certified by Transport Canada.

We provide routine and heavy aircraft maintenance and support in New Zealand and offshore and have the capacity to service our own fleet as well as external customers. We have maintenance facilities in Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Queenstown, Australia and Papua New Guinea. We also have maintenance teams that operate remotely throughout New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific, Africa and Asia.

Helicopter Maintenance

Our Helicopter Maintenance division provides Maintenance and Maintenance Control services for BK117, AS355, AS350, MD500, EC120, EC130, EC145, B206, B222, R22 and R44 helicopters. We are a Robinson Service Centre. We have mobile teams to carry out maintenance on these aircraft in New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Africa. We also offer fixed priced helicopter maintenance services, whereby a customer pays a fixed charge per flight hour. In addition, we offer Surge Engineering teams who can mobilise quickly to provide on-location engineering support with any maintenance requirement, frequently on short notice.

Turbine Engine Centre

The Airwork NZ Turbine Support Services specialises in major maintenance and overhaul for Rolls Royce Allison 250 series, Honeywell LTS101 series and Garrett TPE331 turbine engines. We are an approved Honeywell Service Centre, one of only six such facilities in the world. We have a state of the art engine test cell, which is used to test engines after repair and overhaul.

Dynamic Component Centre

Airwork NZ offers the complete inspection, repair and overhaul of dynamic components through our Dynamic Component Overhaul division, which is NZCAA, EASA and FAA Part 145 certified and also approved by Transport Canada. The division specialises in BK117, AS350, AS355, MD500 and B206 components. We are an authorised Airbus Service Centre and have Eurocopter and BK 117 Dynamic Component Test Benches.

Manufacturing Projects Centre and Ancillary Workshops

Airwork NZ has a comprehensive Manufacturing and Ancillary services division with five specialist workshops offering customised aviation solutions. These are: Design and Manufacture, Hoist Overhaul, Avionics, Electrical and Instruments. Our facilities can accommodate all of your modification, completion and customisation needs. We are a Breeze Eastern Service Centre, and have a Hoist Test Rig audited and accredited by Breeze Eastern.

Parts Supply and Logistics

Our Parts and Logistics team offers parts sales and logistical support to external customers with an approval under Part 19F of the NZCAA rules. We have a wide inventory of parts available. This division also offers a support function for internal Airwork NZ operations.

Airwork NZ thrives on delivering service excellence and creating innovative solutions for the aviation industry. Contact us today to discuss your engineering and maintenance requirements.