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Airwork (NZ) Limited holds the only STC for the BK117-850D2.

The BK117-850D2 offers you an economical way to meet the new Category A requirements while dramatically enhancing the performance, safety and capabilities of the helicopter.

Certification – EASA, Transport Canada and NZ CAA STC’s (FAA Pending)

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Superior Safety

The Airwork BK117-850D2 will dramatically increase your maximum OEI hover weight. The BK117-850D2 has been designed with the requirements of EMS operators in mind, with a focus on operational safety and superior Category A compliance with proven reliability and increased performance.

Superior Performance

The BK117-850D2 helicopter is the product of a signifi cant investment program. With the LTS101-850B-2 engine we are providing more power and raising the bar for BK117 hot temperature and high altitude (hot & high) performance.

Superior Versatility

The BK117-850D2 allows operators to carry more payload to more places. With remarkable performance improvements in hot and high conditions the BK117-850D2 is flexible and powerful.

The strength of the BK117-850D2 is especially demonstrated in contingency planning – with large improvements in Category A, enroute OEI and OEI hover performance.

Superior Economy

The innovative BK117-850D2 STC delivers superior safety and performance at a cost-effective price. With a marginal investment you can experience increased helicopter operational capability with equivalent direct operating costs and little or no change in fuel consumption.

Superior Service

Airwork offers world-class service and will tailor a BK117-850D2 package to suit your requirements.

Options include:
» Ems Installation
» Avionics Upgrade
» Zero Time Components
» Particle Separator
» Complete Rebuild and Refurbishment

One Engine Operative
OEI 2.5 MIN HOVER (OGE), ISA +15°C, 2000’

Category A Performance

Useful Load - Hot and High Hover OGE(No AEI Assurance)
Take-off Power / Minimum Crew / 1 hr Fuel
BK117-850D2 v Bell 212